Spin Classes

Spin Classes in Bloor West Village, Toronto

Our indoor cycling classes are as challenging as they are exhilarating. Benefits of a class include weight loss, improved strength, and endurance. These benefits are enhanced when spinning classes are combined with other cardio and resistance workouts that can also be found at Conquer Fitness. We pride ourselves in providing an environment that ensures we will modify each workout to suit the needs of the individual rider while also keeping the class as a whole invigorating and fun… which means you’re likely to see significant results, especially if you commit to regular classes. To gain the full benefits, we recommend committing to three to six classes per week for a total of 150 minutes.

What muscles are used in indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling is a total-body workout and works all of the major muscle groups. Here are seven areas you work and how you use them while you’re cycling.

  • Core. Use your core to stabilize your body throughout the class, which helps to achieve overall balance, especially when you’re standing.
  • Upper body. Use your upper body to support yourself on the bike. Some classes incorporate upper-body exercises using dumbbells or resistance bands.
  • Back. Maintain a strong, stable spine throughout the class, which will help to strengthen and tone your back muscles.
  • Glutes. Feel your glutes working with each pump, especially when you stand up from your seat, do an incline, or increase the resistance.
  • Quadriceps. Your quadriceps will be the main muscles used as you pedal and climb hills, leading to strong, toned legs.
  • Hamstrings. Cycling helps to strengthen and loosen your hamstrings, which lift the pedal up with each cycle and stabilize your joints.
  • Lower legs. You’ll work your calves with each cycle, which helps to protect your ankles and feet while cycling and during everyday activities.