Five tips to get back to your exercise routine

Five tips to get back to your exercise routine

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have put a stop to almost all outdoor activities, especially fitness routines. While the lockdown has eased, the stress and anxiety experienced due to COVID-19 have made it more challenging for people to get back to their usual fitness routine. However, there are ways to help you get out of the workout rut you may find yourself in and reignite that spark that drives your journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

All you need to do is start small with a simple exercise routine to help you find your motivation and build on that until you get back into your fitness groove. To help you rediscover your groove, the experts in fitness and overall wellness at CONQUER FITNESS have listed five workout tips to get back to your workout routine. Keep reading to know what they are.

Tip #1: Choose a fitness activity
Fitness is one of the best ways to keep you going during these unprecedented times. To recreate a sense of normalcy and get you on the fitness track, pick a fitness activity that you enjoy and love to do on a daily basis. At CONQUER FITNESS, we have several motivational exercise routines that you could benefit from. Join us today and let us help you achieve your fitness goals.

Tip #2: Find a workout buddy
A workout buddy can be a great motivator and competition, which will help you push yourself to meet your fitness goals. Ask your family and friends or get connected with a trainer for a light push.

Tip #3: Set short-term fitness goals
A short-term fitness goal is an achievable goal that doesn’t require much of your time. It could include a morning workout routine, running a mile every day, or reducing carbs in your diet. This is a smart way to help you gain significant results and minimize frustration.

Tip #4: Ditch the scale
Body weight can fluctuate throughout the day, depending on certain factors. So, continually relying on the weighing scale can make you lose focus on your fitness goals and ultimately create an unhealthy obsession. So don’t let the scale rule your confidence and motivation. Just stick to your goals.

Tip #5: Ask for help and guidance from a professional
If you’re dealing with health issues or have an on-going medical condition or are unsure about an exercise routine, consulting a fitness professional will help you identify the best and safest workout plan. They will advise you on how often you need to work out and the type of meal plan you need to be on to effectively attain your personal goals. Get in touch with one of our professional trainers at CONQUER FITNESS, to assess your body type and set some fitness goals.

For more tips to help you get back to your exercise routine, reach out to CONQUER FITNESS. As a fitness facility in Bloor West Village, Toronto, we comprise of a unique community of wellness professionals to motivate and help you get the most out of our fitness goals. We support your fitness needs and help you regain the feeling of confidence to hit the gym floor. We offer gym membership options, clinical and rehab training, personal fitness training, group fitness classes, kids fitness programs, women fitness classes, fitness amenities, and childminding services.

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