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Conquer Fitness

Fitness Facility in Bloor West Village, Toronto

Newly Renovated 35,000 SQ Foot Space to Train Every Day!

Working out should be on your terms because life is busy enough and your time is precious. So we’ve designed a gym for people like you who want to get results without spending hours and hours at the gym. We welcome all, no matter their level of fitness at Conquer Fitness. We only employ staff members who are, above anything else, friendly, helpful and approachable.


COVID-19 Health and Safety

We are Ensuring all infection prevention and control practices are followed. This includes:
  1. Ensure all high-touch tools and surfaces are cleaned regularly.
  2. Create greater distance between workers, keeping a distance of at least 2 metres (approximately 2 arms lengths) from others, as much as possible.
  3. Reduce the number of passengers on elevators and avoid crowding in stairwells and other tight spaces.
  4. Give workers more opportunities to keep their hands clean, for example by providing soap and water or hand sanitizer if soap is not available.

Our Gym is Your Gym

With a gym designed around you, we think you’ll love it here.

Personal Training

Training with your Conquer personal trainer makes your time in the gym more efficient. You don't have to worry about which exercises you will be doing, how many sets or reps, how to adjust the equipment or whether you are doing the exercises correctly.

Kids Fitness

Finally a place for the entire family! Conquer kids supports healthy mind and body with the option of after school programs, March Break and Summer programming, exercise and tutor-case, Specialty team training and a martial arts center.


Our indoor cycling classes are as challenging as they are exhilarating. Benefits of a class include weight loss, improved strength, and endurance. These benefits are enhanced when spinning classes are combined with other cardio and resistance workouts that can also be found at our gym.

We have clients visiting our Gym from Bloor West Village, The Kingsway, The Queensway, The Junction, Swansea, High Park, and the surrounding areas.


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday : 5:30am – 9:30pm
Saturday and Sunday : 7:30am – 5:30pm

Ready to get started?

To all of our valuable and loyal members

As you are aware Toronto is still not allowing individuals to train indoors at gyms or gym like settings. However, after entering into discussions with the supervisor for bylaw officers, the business reopening support line, 311 and Ontario public health we have been told although we cannot open as a ‘gym’, we can can open as a clinic under the AODA (mental and disability health act). 

The criteria:

  • We require individuals who use our facility to have been given medical advice to seek out physical activity.
  • However, neither our staff nor bylaw officers are allowed to ask for these referrals.
  • You will be asked to sign a waiver indicating you have been approved to workout under.
  • All Covid protocol still applies inclusive of masks and social distancing when in the facility.
  • We cannot bill our members as a gym and will therefore have a pay as you go fee of $10 only when you book a time.
  • We must avoid working out with people who do not live in the same household as each other and personal training is currently not permitted. We will however seek other alternatives to have this as an option so please inquire with us if this is of interest.
  • NO members will lose their regular gym time if they have already paid in full and all memberships will resume as normal once the city enters phase 3 and allows gyms to re-open.

As such, please use the following link to book your time, date and section of the gym.

You must create an account so that you can cancel or move appointments when necessary.

  • You can exercise for 55 minute intervals.
  • The gym has been broken up into 4 quadrants: Cardio, Weight training upstairs, Free weight + squat room + bench press, Hammer strength downstairs.
  • When booking you will have the choice to book a specific date, time and area of the gym. You must stay within this designated area for your 55 minutes.
  • Please book only one hour per day. If we do have other open slots and you wish to book again on the same day please notify us.
  • To ensure the next group can enter on time, please finish your workout on time and leave promptly within your 55 minutes.
  • All bookings are on a first come first serve basis.

We realize that that this is not ideal and no one wants to be restricted via booking system nor into zones. We are doing our best to conform to the rules and ensure that we can maximize the usage of our space all while keeping our amazing members safe and healthy.

Thank you again for all of your support

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